Neokyo Nights: Stage 2 – Twilight Harbor (B)

An interesting race today, but not in the way you might expect. Everything about this one was fairly uninteresting, as far as racing on Zwift goes. The route was practically flat. 103m elevation over 20.8km. Three laps, each of which sees the first half with almost no movement. The second half is where the fun … Read more

Tour of Makuri Islands: Stage 5a – Twilight Harbor Race (B)

Heads up: I know these races do not come under the Tour of Makuri Islands. These are from the Race Makuri series. I covered this here. Whoops! Moving into the final week of the Race Makuri series and that means Stages 5 and 6… or, Stages 5a and 5b. An unusual one from my point of view, … Read more