Neokyo Nights: Stage 4 – Sprinter’s Playground (B)

Racing. On a Saturday? Oh my. Well, I wasn’t sure what to expect at all today. My week’s been a bit messed up due to ‘injury’ earlier in the week. I started the week with a bit of a recovery / tester ride, and then my usual race day – Thursday – was switcheroo’d for … Read more

Neokyo Nights: Stage 3 – Railways & Rooftops (B)

A slight change to my usual weekly proceedings. Usually I would go for a walk on Wednesday dinner breaks to get some fresh air and some much needed “sunlight”. Or what passes for sunlight right now. But for some reason I felt like racing last night, and that didn’t change today. As such I found … Read more

Neokyo Nights: Stage 2 – Twilight Harbor (B)

An interesting race today, but not in the way you might expect. Everything about this one was fairly uninteresting, as far as racing on Zwift goes. The route was practically flat. 103m elevation over 20.8km. Three laps, each of which sees the first half with almost no movement. The second half is where the fun … Read more

Neokyo Nights: Stage 1 – Sleepless City (B)

November’s new ZRacing series kicks off with Stage 1, two laps of the Sleepless City route. That’s 19km of racing for about 85m of elevation. In other words, flat and fast. In fact, all the races in the Neokyo Nights series look to be this way. Will that help me in any way? Well, we … Read more