Neokyo Nights: Stage 4 – Sprinter’s Playground (B)

Racing. On a Saturday? Oh my. Well, I wasn’t sure what to expect at all today. My week’s been a bit messed up due to ‘injury’ earlier in the week. I started the week with a bit of a recovery / tester ride, and then my usual race day – Thursday – was switcheroo’d for … Read more

Zwift – Sweet Spot Ramps

A little while back, Zwift revamped their workouts menu. Shortly after that, I noticed they had a variety of either new, or more likely more prominent Sweet Spot Training (SST) workouts available. Typically I will do the SST Short workout, which is: It’s a decent, sweaty session, but one that isn’t so taxing that it … Read more

Low Cadence Baseline

Today’s ride was a choice between the Zwift Academy 2023 Workout #2 (Shorter) or SST. So I went with a third choice, two x 15 minutes at FTP efforts. I figured the SST ride would be beneficial for sure, but setting a baseline as to how it feels to ride at FTP at a lower … Read more

Zwift Get Rolling: Stage 2 – Two Village Loop (B)

Ahh the Thursday drumming. No weekly ride calendar would be complete without it. Yes, yes, another absolute hammering today in Stage 2 of the September Zwift Racing series, this time on the Two Villages Loop route over on Makuri Islands. I had planned to get on the bike earlier today, ideally around 11:40ish so as … Read more