Race Watopia: Stage 5 – Going Coastal (B)

Thursday. Race day. And as it’s the big new release week of the latest update to Watopia, we were off to a new route for today’s race, Going Coastal route. This route is one of the flattest I have raced on yet. As per, I had planned to be on at least ten minutes early … Read more

Race Watopia: Stage 4 – Volcano Circuit CCW (B)

Yes! Finally! A podium finish! Hah. No, of course not. For my troubles today I got a buggered left knee and 27th place (according to Zwift Racing App), or an even more depressing 34th spot on Zwift officially. But I’m sure you don’t expect much better than that by now, right? Well, if you were, … Read more

Race Watopia: Stage 3 – Two Bridges Loop (B)

This one went about as well as expected. Once more I misjudged the route. I checked it out last night in the app, and when I saw the curly loop around I, yet again, figured we were doing the full reverse Hilly KOM. But no. This one is the same route that starts at the … Read more

Race Watopia: Stage 2 – Flat Route

Another trip around the Flat Route. Or, well, two trips. It’s been a disjointed week of riding days, starting Monday instead of Tuesday, then having yesterday ‘off’ as I had to go away for the day with work. As it happens, 5h 45m in the car on top of a day of work is not … Read more

Race Watopia: Stage 1 – Beach Island Loop

When I woke up this morning I felt thrashed already. Not a great nights sleep. Up every 3 hours for no good reason. However it wasn’t the bad sleep that had me not wanting to do today’s race. It was how my legs felt this morning after yesterday’s Stage 1 ride on the Tour of … Read more