Race Watopia: Stage 2 – Flat Route

Another trip around the Flat Route. Or, well, two trips. It’s been a disjointed week of riding days, starting Monday instead of Tuesday, then having yesterday ‘off’ as I had to go away for the day with work. As it happens, 5h 45m in the car on top of a day of work is not … Read more

Worked Through It

Some of my least favourite turbo rides are the low intensity ‘endurance’ rides. I’d prefer it where my legs are being torn off, and then I don’t focus on the saddle pain on my ass instead. For this one I ended up having to work through the ride. At ~150w or so it’s really not … Read more

Zwift Flat Is Fast: Stage 5b – Watopia Flat Route (B)

One down, one to go. With the previous race starting at 12:10 and only lasting 7 minutes, I had a ~13 minute gap between Stage 5a and 5b. I used 8 minutes or so to spin around Mech Island loop for a second time, and then parked myself in the Downtown Watopia starting pens ready … Read more

Advent of Cycling – Day 13 – Wave Rider

Yesterday I was moaning and complaining about not having a set schedule for my rides, and that made each day more difficult than it might otherwise ought to be. Well, potentially, problem solved. I was thinking today might be a good day to start with The Sufferfest. But there’s one reason I haven’t. And that’s … Read more