Watts Your Own Wednesday

Super duper easy ride tonight. Feeling it off the back of two intensive hour long rides. This one felt hard enough to get going, but after about fifteen minutes the rhythm was found the and minutes slowly but surely chipped away.

I guess the nicer thing about harder rides is there’s very little time for getting bored.

I’m thinking tomorrow night is going to be the medium (standard?) stage of TdZ stage 4. Not sure what that is, but I do know it’s not switching to stage 5 till the weekend so I might as well do one harder workout before then.

Keeping this post short and sweet today. Not got a whole lot to say and I’m pretty knackered anyway, given that it’s late in the day and I still have a bunch more tasks to do before I can call it a night.

I guess my biggest annoyance right now is that the heart rate monitor is once again playing up. This is the brand new Tickr 2 as well, so bit disappointed that I’m experiencing issues with it so soon. Maybe it’s something in my setup :/

Always something.

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