So about this back pain then. Did I imagine the whole damn thing? Feels like it. Because I haven’t felt it since. Not that I want to, you understand, but I’m questioning what the use of these easier rides is at this point.

And so, with that in mind, I’m gunna give in to stupidity and do the Zwift Academy 2021 Workout #3 tomorrow lunch time. Sod it. What could possibly go wrong?

Back to today’s ride for a second though. Boy, did this one feel long and dull. Yesterday’s ride was about the same time / distance and it seemed to pass by so much quicker. Can’t really explain that.

Even though these are endurance rides I still get my sweat on. There’s definitely value in doing these, even though they are on the very low end of the training stress scale. But I am definitely craving doing something a little more intense.

Overall though, not a great deal to say about today. Another ~30km on the week, all good. So long as I keep to my target of riding 6 days this week (4 week days, 2 weekend rides) I should come out of the end of this one feeling fairly decent about myself.

As the weather outdoors is getting cooler though now, I’m wondering just how much more outdoor riding I’m going to get in before the roads become wet, the sky gets greyer, and I need layers and layers to stop… shrinkage. Will I regret all these Zwift rides in a few weeks time?

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