Back In Action

As covered in the weekly review, I’ve had to rein it in a bit to start this week. This kinda sucks… but I need to be sensible about a potential injury.

What I didn’t know, because I didn’t check, was that the first of the Zwift Academy 2021 recovery rides are now available.

Now, I haven’t yet done Workout #3. But potentially I could do the recovery ride twice. The only downside is, like today, I had to stop / start several times, as I needed to be active sometimes on team chat for work. That’s really no big deal when doing a solo ride like today, but wouldn’t work so well as an organised group ride.

Something to bear in mind.

Anyway, the good thing is I have already kicked started my riding for the week and it’s only Monday. Usually I take Monday as a rest day, but last week was kinda messed up and I really feel like I both need and want to ride. Maybe there is something to that whole Garmin Peaking thing?

The plan is to do something on the bike tomorrow. Likely indoors, and likely the Zwift Academy recovery ride, if all goes to plan. I’ll need to do that at lunch time, which is fine. That way I shouldn’t get interrupted. Hopefully.

Not much else to add today. Back feels good. Hopefully it was just a very weird blip.

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