Why Knee?

Sometimes I feel like I excel myself with my post titles. Why knee? whiny… I feel like I’m always complaining about my knee. Specifically my right knee. My best knee. Well, my second best knee. An equal opportunities knee. I genuinely like both of them. But my right knee gives me all the pain.

I’m literally just off the bike. Sometimes I wait to write my post until later. Not so today. Bath running, I’m late. Wanted to do this earlier, truth be told, but life… or work got in the way.

It was a nice day today. Got up to 4c. I saw the rain actually started to dry out! Result. But then it rained again at 3pm, and I ended up stuck on a problem so my plans went out of the window. I didn’t even get time to do the Innsbruck Stage 2 of the TdZ 2021. Pah.

Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. I find my knee seems to do better on harder rides. Seems perverse. I think it’s the slower or lower pressure on the slower / “easier” rides. It feels like it wants to crack. Like when you crack your knuckles or similar. It’s that kind of thing. But it won’t shift.

Dammit knee, I’m a nerd not an athlete. Just let me peddle off my mince pie gut in peace.

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