Best Not Overdo It

In my mind I was going to do another SST session today. The idea being that I’d nail both harder activities today, and then take a nice easy day tomorrow. However, I figured I actually didn’t want to push as hard today as I did yesterday. Or, to put it another way, I got lazy.

For whatever reason, the Zwift Companion App decided not to play ball today, so for once, I wasn’t able to get screenshots. Well, except at the end, when I Googled for how to take a screenshot using the keyboard. Turns out it’s just F10. Anyway, my eyes are so bad these days I can’t see the text on the screen from the bike. Bit worrying really. Fine with my gigs on, but I don’t wear them on the bike.

As it was, today was just another FTP Builder ride, and a nice and easy one at that. 5 repeats of 154w (as best I recall), so nothing strenuous. I always manage to break a sweat, because I’m ridiculously sweaty, but it wasn’t taxing.

The plan is to do another SST session tomorrow. That is unless the weather somehow turns out miraculously warm. It’s not supposed too. The forecast is awful until next week – where more awful days probably turn up, but the 10 day forecast is hiding them from me right now.

Annoyingly I’m sure there was something else to write about today, but it’s late, I’m tired, I’ve just finished an hour helping sprog 1 with her homework, and I’m knackered. So that’s that.

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