Boy Blue in Zone 2

Not a huge lot to report on tonight’s ride.

I wanted to do something easy. It was either that, or not ride at all. I chose to ride, but not follow a structure. Just free ride at whatever pace took my fancy.

Yet again, my Wahoo Tickr failed me.

I definitely did it “right” tonight. I clipped it in so I couldn’t soak the electricals, but I think I’ve ruined it at this point so may have to just buy a new one. On that note – I kinda don’t want to buy another Tickr, as I’m a bit miffed at my stupidity in braking this one. But I don’t know of alternatives. I’m open to suggestions – feel free to leave a comment and let me know heart rate monitor what you use.

I wanted to hit my 100km riding goal tonight. Which I did, but I managed to miss the screenshot. #Disappoint.

The one other thing to report from today is that I watched the GCN show during this ride.

They reported on a Sufferfest special offer they have going on at the moment for 44 days of free trial.

The way this works if you sign up for the 14 day free trial, then use the TRANSITION30 code to get a further 30 days free trial.

With this, the idea is to complete the 6 week Transition training plan.

I’m really keen to check this out. As I mentioned yesterday I was looking into Peloton as a way to add some variety to my riding. I’ve put off the Sufferfest for a long time – mainly because of the name. But with Zwift Academy not quite doing it for me, maybe now’s the time to get stuck into a different program and see if I can’t get back the form I feel I lost over the last two months or so.

I’d be keen to hear opinions on The Sufferfest – so if you have any, please do leave a comment and let me know what you think of it.

I might take a rest day tomorrow. Right now I’m feeling alright and like I want to continue riding. But with The Sufferfest in mind, I believe the very first thing they make you do is a 4DP test – their equivalent to an FTP test. And if that’s the case, I’m not in a good place to take that tomorrow.

And honestly, probably not Friday either… Down with FTP tests, that’s what I say.

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  1. Tickr is better than the garmin, imo. I’ve killed 2 garmins just be using properly- they randomly just stop working, just over a year, so out of warranty. My tickr has been utterly faultless- when used correctly 😉


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