Constant Interruptions

Only wanting a low intensity ride this evening, I opted for a spin with Cara Cadence and her pace bot train. I’m not sure if it was down to bugs or an unintuitive interface, but it took me two failed attempts to join the ride.

Once in, things were fine enough until my youngest popped in and told me there was someone at the door. Unable to postpone a pace bot ride, I had to stop again, get off, get dry (bit sweaty), dressed appropriately, and then answer the door.

About five minutes later I was back on the bike, and yet again I got dropped in the wrong ride. So yet again I was back to the main menu, and for the final time able to join the ride I wanted.

Things were fine once inside… just weird how many failed attempts it took.

Slogging out 30km, even with interruptions / breaks and it really not being an actual 30km… this one was a chore.

Not sure what to do tomorrow. Ideally I’ll get the ride in at lunch time, because by the evening I generally don’t want to do it.

4 thoughts on “Constant Interruptions”

  1. Jeez you ain’t having much luck this week!
    I’ve done a couple of c.cadence rides and quite like the pace for an endurance ride. I haven’t had any issues joining, but I did check a message on my phone and fell off the back. Holy crap was it hard work catching back up! Took about 5mins around 240w and a short hill sprint at 400-500w to catch back up.

    • yeah, technologically it’s not been my week for sure. Latest issue is my main PC keeps randomly resetting. Think the GFX card is goosed, or at least, one of the ports is. Bad times.

      Yep, decent pace on the C rides. And yeah, glad it’s not just me having issues getting back on. It would be nice if they provided a pedal assist feature that could be manually toggled on / off for as long as needed. Joining a B ride, or God forbid, the A train without a warm up … and having 5 seconds to get up to speed? Recipe for disaster. No wonder the red rider is always riding solo.

  2. Well, no sooner did I say I havent had issues joining, bam! Issues! Got up at 4am intending to have 4hrs on C and tried 3 times to join but no pace partner in sight each time!? Then the pace partners weren’t showing up at all on the start screen. After all that aggravation I gave up and going to get a few hours sleep on the couch instead. Yeah it would be good to have a warm up option or to be able to join in game after 10mins without having to exit to the main screen.

    • 4 hours!? holy moly.

      Well, possibly the bots were down for the Halloween patch. Looks like the pacebots are used again this year to earn the kit. I didn’t see any bots riding around at lunch, but I saw one put the message in chat to stick with them to earn the kit.

      4am though… wow man. Hardcore.


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