Mid Afternoon Matters

This new job of mine certainly likes a late afternoon meeting. I’m all about starting early, and finishing early. I like to start at 7.30, and finish at 4. It winds me up when I have to attend a meeting either at 4, or one that runs past 4. Dammit, that’s my cycling time.

Anyway, I’d dutifully risen and started early today, only to find out I had forgotten about my 4pm meeting. So I decided I would take a long dinner break, and do my ride in the afternoon.

Now, I kinda badly timed this, because I also needed some food and needed to get a task done before I finished the working part of the day. That meant I didn’t have the full 55 minutes for this one… but close enough. I ended up skipping a small part of the cool down, and also one of the 1 minute breaks between intervals five and six.

As it was a rainy one, again, outside, I would have been on Zwift anyway. But because of the condensed time frame, I would certainly not have managed an outdoor ride today.

Three in a row now. I am truly getting my moneys worth this week.

As the weather looks set to be pants over the weekend, it may be that I stick to the turbo for my next few rides as well. That said, if the sun does break out, I will be outside.

On the plus side, staying inside has meant I’ve definitely taken some of the “tension” (wrong word) off my right calve, though it’s still about as sore today as it seemingly has been for a few weeks now. Truly the only solution is rest.

Being completely honest, I’m glad to have got my weekday rides over and done with this week.

Some weeks I’m well into it, and some I am not. Yesterday was slightly better than usual as it was new map time on Zwift, but even that novelty couldn’t and didn’t last.

The main thing is keeping the routine. And the routine dictates tomorrow is a rest day. Lovely.

Then typically Saturday, and almost always Sunday I find I am super keen to do my rides. Nothing beats a crisp Sunday morning bike ride, I can tell you that much. It’s what dreams are made of.

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