My Legs Were Not Grateful

Probably going to kick myself for being lazy today, especially if it turns out to be a nice day tomorrow – which it is due to be. And by nice day I mean 7c, as opposed to today were it’s been closer to 4c or so.

What does that have to do with anything? Well, it got to dinner time today and I was telling myself all morning I’d do Stage 5 of the TdZ22 and get that out of the way. Tomorrow is a pants day for riding on a schedule as I have a meeting at 11am which always overruns, and so I will miss the 12 noon start, and the 1pm start is probably too late.

Even so, I got to 12 noon today and opted for a sandwich and a bike wash instead of doing the ride. I promised myself I’d do it at 1pm, but when that rolled around I was still feeling bloated from the egg and cheese sarnies I’d recently scoffed.

See, the thing is, my legs ache. It’s no big wonder. The last two weeks have seen 7,000 calories burned, up from 5,000 or so for most two week periods prior. Today, I felt tired.

Anyway, I forced myself on to the bike. I should probably have done a proper recovery session, not an endurance ride even at the low end. But whatever. I got through it. Largely thanks to Captain Picard and his Star Trek friends. That killed off 45 minutes. The remainder of this one was spent reliving my youth with The Prodigy on loud.

So yeah.

Not feeling swell, but hopefully I do feel more recovered for tomorrow as I simply have to do Stage 5. No excuses. Shame really, as I do like the Richmond course on a good day. Just today wasn’t a good day. Mentally, anyway.

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