Tour de Zwift 2024: Stage 5 [Run]

Stage = 5, actually completed stages = 4, stages which I ran = 3. Yeah last week was a bad time. But I completed it all the same and somehow I have only missed one event. My plan is to complete that one during male up week.  But that’s all the past and the future. … Read more

Hard Start To The Week

I think it’s fair to say today’s SST session was challenging. It felt hard. Harder than last week for sure. What was confusing was that I couldn’t work out whether it was in my head, or whether it really was harder than previously. It shouldn’t have been. This one was taken at an FTP of … Read more

Almost Achterbahn

Innsbruck is quite possibly my favourite map on Zwift. It’s got a decent flat route (with a leg snapper) for laps with a kick, and it’s got two solid climbs if that’s your bag. What I like about both climbs is that they are almost exclusively upwards. Sounds bonkers, but several of Zwift’s climbs have … Read more

Norseman Workout #4: Hardangervidda

Technical issues abound today as I decided – abruptly – to take on the next workout in The Norseman series. Opting for Innsbruck Forward KOM as the route, this workout actually tied really closely to the climb – at least for the first two intervals. Right away I was unable to get the Zwift Companion … Read more