Recovery Road

Late on the bike today. Well, later than planned, at least. I had wanted to get today’s ride in during my dinner break but due to mistiming a meeting, I ended up doing this one later in the day. Still not feeling those morning rides lately.

Today I was after recovery, ideally an hours ride at a low intensity. I found a suitable session from Zwift’s FTP builder program, this one featuring 5 reps of 9 minutes at 140w with a 100w minute in between.

These rides are typically terribly boring and this one was no different. I managed to while away the first 25 minutes by alt tabbing to watch the GCN show on YouTube. However it was family tea time after this so the rest of the ride was spent pedaling away next to the tea table as my kids mucked about instead of eating. Nothing new there.

Probably the only real thing to report from this one is that I had a bit of pain in my left knee throughout the day. I was contemplating resting it, but it really wasn’t overly concerning. I think it was as a result of yesterday’s harder session.

As I sit and write this my knee feels about the same as it did pre-ride. I am guessing / hoping that I haven’t done any more harm to it than whatever was already done.

The other nice thing today was that u had no technical issues. Yesterday’s ride started and ended with problems, both times with the Zwift game crashing and the companion struggling. Today, even though the flat route I’d chosen was absolutely heaving with virtual cyclists, the experience was flawless.

Also today I got an email that there is to be another Tour. Fantastic news. Get signed up. Though Zwift didn’t give too much away, Zwift Insider reports 5 stages, running and riding, with each stage having both long and short group rides, and races. This is music to my ears with how the previous Tour ended for me.

I’m expecting to ride again tomorrow. Not sure what yet. My Tredz order is finally due to arrive tomorrow. That’s 11 days since I ordered. Yikes. But it does mean I will have a new cassette which, if the lovely weather holds, may entice me outside.

We shall see.

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