Riding In Restraints

Nothing major to report from this ride. Just an easy 30km / 1hr ride to get back riding after my fall on Saturday.

The one unusual aspect to this ride was in that I had to wear a wrist guard to allow me to put sufficient weight on my wrist / hand. The wrist guard I’m using is one I bought 12 years ago for the purposes of snowboarding. I’ve only needed the right one, thankfully – and if you are at all interested it’s a Flexmeter Wrist Guard.

Craziest thing of all? The one I’m wearing was bought in 2008 for £31.48, and today they sell what looks like the same thing with black plastic instead of grey for over 4x that price. That’s some inflation.

I’m a little skeptical as to how intense a ride I could do wearing this thing to be honest. I know it’s a sweaty wet mess even now, a few hours after. Also because my arm seemed to swell up a little whilst exercising, taking it off was really quite painful.

That said, these things are very well built and super sturdy, and I’m strongly considering keeping the right one on for the next few rides as whenever I have fallen so far, it’s been on to my right side. I mean, it would be easier not to fall off… but if I’m gunna, then I’d rather this thing takes the brunt of it, instead of my aging bones.

As above, not sure how intense a ride I can do tomorrow. I’m hoping to do an SST session, but that’s really dependent on how sore my hand is when I wake up. I’m fairly sure it’s not broken anyway, as it’s getting noticeably better every day. That said, it’s swollen up pretty severely, though on the positive side the browned, bruised skin looks like the best tan I’ve had in years.

Also, the rain is back, and my replacement chain and second replacement cassette won’t be here till later in the week, so I’m indoors until next week at the earliest.

That said, I got told my contract won’t be being renewed on Monday so I’m going to have plenty of free time over the next 2-4 weeks to get in some good outdoor sessions. I just need that lovely weather to return.

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