Best of 2023: Stage 2 – Castle to Castle (B)

Who chooses these routes? Best of is entirely subjective, let me tell you. See, back in my youth, playing a game of Total Annihilation was a fun experience. I was actually pretty good at it. Heck, I’d compete way more than twice a week. Now that I’m 41, getting totally annihilated twice a week is … Read more

Zwift Academy 2023 – Workout #3: Long | The Finisher

Workout #3 in Zwift Academy 2023 is sort of a variation on Workout #1. Both workouts focus on the 30 second, and 2 minute max efforts. And when I saw this in the Event screen on Zwift, I was thinking … oh, I didn’t much enjoy Workout #1. It was hard. Well, good news! Workout … Read more

Zwift Academy Road 2022: Workout 1 | Aerobic Conditioning

A little late to the party, but I decided to see if I can complete the Zwift Academy Road 2022 series within the next 8 days. I believe I have to complete six workouts and two group rides. As best I am aware, the two group rides are the Baseline & Finish Line rides. The … Read more