Zwift Academy 2023 – Workout #4: Long | Fast Twitch HIIT

My week’s a bit messed up. Thursday is usually race day, but due to sore calves earlier in the week I took a light ride Tuesday, a ‘recovery’ walk yesterday, and then today I felt like I would be making a mistake by racing, so did the Zwift Academy 2023 Workout #4 instead. It probably … Read more

Zwift Academy 2023 – Workout #3: Long | The Finisher

Workout #3 in Zwift Academy 2023 is sort of a variation on Workout #1. Both workouts focus on the 30 second, and 2 minute max efforts. And when I saw this in the Event screen on Zwift, I was thinking … oh, I didn’t much enjoy Workout #1. It was hard. Well, good news! Workout … Read more

Zwift Group Workout: The Volcano (Short)

Turn the heat up to uncomfortable, and let’s go peddling! The “Workout of the Week” this week is rather aptly called “The Volcano”, a repeat of the Zwift Academy 2022 workout by the same name. Sticking to my enforced indoor schedule is challenging at the moment. Though I think it would be a stretch heading … Read more

Zwift Spring Training: Workout #5 VO2 Blast

Another day, another VO2 max session. Workout #5 of 6 in the Zwift Spring Training series saw us taking on the VO2 Blast workout, best described (as ever) by WhatsOnZwift: This was a tough session, perhaps only made easier by it being (relatively) short. At just 45 minutes, including a 10 minute progressive warm up, … Read more

Zwift Spring Training: Workout #3 Hairpin Wizard

Unsurprisingly I was a little too tired today to do the typical Tuesday race. Instead I opted for Workout #3 in the Zwift Spring Training series. This was the Hairpin Wizard workout: This workout consisted of two blocks. Both were identical, featuring a 30 second ramp – more on that in a second, followed by … Read more