Tour of Watopia 2023 Ride: Stage 4 – Big Loop (Longer)

Another tiring ride. I think that just about sums it up. I was looking forwards to this one. It’s a while since I’ve done the Epic KOM, and after last week’s climb of the AdZ it’s almost like a week off. Almost. It’s still 364m of climb over 9.4km, though the average is only 3.9%. … Read more

Tour Of Watopia 2021 – Stage 5: Longer Ride

Today I took part in the fifth and final stage of this years Tour of Watopia. And I must say, I am absolutely wiped out from this one. The route today was Three Sisters, a route I have done once before. For those unfamiliar, this is the Forward Hilly KOM, the Epic KOM, the Radio … Read more

Tour Of Watopia 2021 – Stage 4: Longer Ride

Today’s ride was the Tour Of Watopia 2021 – Stage 4: Longer Ride, and for this one we were off out on the Big Loop, covering the Epic KOM (again), a jolly around the Jungle Circuit, and then back home via the Volcano. Whilst this wasn’t (in my opinion) the hardest ride of the Tour … Read more

Tour Of Watopia 2021 – Stage 2: Longer Ride

Well by jingo, that was knackering. I mean, I knew it would be a tiring ride, what with the pre-ride notes saying 900m of climb over 40km, but to do that on a Tuesday evening after a bank holiday weekend spent eating excessive amounts of scones and cake? Yeah, brutal. This was a new route … Read more

L’Etape du Tour Stage 1 – Open

This afternoon I took part in Zwift’s L’Etape du Tour Stage 1, which was a single lap of the “Mountain Route”. Or more simply, a climb up the Epic KOM and radio tower climb, then back home to finish in downtown Watopia. In truth I probably wouldn’t have done this one today had it not … Read more