Zwift Academy 2023 – Workout #4: Long | Fast Twitch HIIT

My week’s a bit messed up. Thursday is usually race day, but due to sore calves earlier in the week I took a light ride Tuesday, a ‘recovery’ walk yesterday, and then today I felt like I would be making a mistake by racing, so did the Zwift Academy 2023 Workout #4 instead. It probably … Read more

Tour of Watopia 2023 Ride: Stage 5 – The Big Ring (Longer)

I’m pretty sure I’ve done my left knee some damage, but this one was as good a ride as any to see out the Tour of Watopia Fall 2023. Ahead of this one I’d read that the name of the route, The Big Ring, implies that this one can be taken on, in full, using … Read more