Zwift Get Rolling: Stage 3 – London Classique (B)

It feels like a while since I rode on the London map, and the search provided by WordPress, the blogging platform that I use, isn’t particularly good at ordering in a way I want. So tracking down the exact last time I did a London ride isn’t easy. Anyway, it feels like a while ago. … Read more

Zwift OG Racing: Stage 2 – London Classique (B)

We’re already in week 2 of the Zwift’s June OG Racing series, and usually I’d have had a week’s rest between races, but not so this time around. My previous race, Stage 1 on the Hilly Route, was Saturday. It was hot that day: It was even hotter today: The one saving grace would be … Read more

Zwift Race London: Stage 3 – London Classique Reverse (B)

Good afternoon race fans. You’ve heard of the Formula 1. You’ve likely heard of the Grand National. But have you ever heard of Zwift’s Race London series, and its world renowned solidly middle of the pack B category riders such as yours truly? What do you mean, no? Outrageous. Well, Tuesday lunch times. 12:10 GMT. … Read more

Tour De Zwift 2021 – Stage 8: Longer Ride

Today’s ride was the 8th and final stage of the Tour de Zwift 2021. Essential this was five laps of the London Classique circuit, but the official Zwift description says it better than I can: Leave the trees behind and pedal towards the concrete jungles of Stage 8: Urban Routes. London, New York, and France … Read more