Zwift OG Racing: Stage 4 – London Loop (B)

Later in the week than I would have liked, but overall it’s been a good week so far. I’m feeling like I’m back on track with a good plan of attack. So, would I feel any different after the fourth and final instalment in Zwift’s June O.G. Racing series? For today’s race we were taking … Read more

Zwift OG Racing: Stage 2 – London Classique (B)

We’re already in week 2 of the Zwift’s June OG Racing series, and usually I’d have had a week’s rest between races, but not so this time around. My previous race, Stage 1 on the Hilly Route, was Saturday. It was hot that day: It was even hotter today: The one saving grace would be … Read more

Zwift OG Racing: Stage 1 – Watopia Hilly (B)

A little bit hot for being indoors, let alone racing. 28c is the hottest day of the year here… so far. Unsurprisingly, there were not too many Brits about for this one. Actually, there were not that many people about for this one at all. With a field of just 18 riders, I knew this … Read more