Tour Of Watopia 2021 – Stage 3: Longer Ride

Two Tour of Watopia 2021 rides in a row where I’ve arrived late and missed the pack. I guess I could have waited till the 5pm ride and gone off with the bunch, but I suspected this one would take a while, and in some ways I kinda wanted to get it over and done … Read more

Tour De Zwift 2021 – Stage 8: Standard Ride

If I had to guess, I’d say this is likely my last ride of the Tour de Zwift 2021. And I would also like to say that, by and large, I have very much enjoyed it. Today’s ride was the ‘B’ ride, aka the Standard ride. Shorter than the longer ride, and longer than the … Read more

Tour De Zwift 2021 – Stage 8: Longer Ride

Today’s ride was the 8th and final stage of the Tour de Zwift 2021. Essential this was five laps of the London Classique circuit, but the official Zwift description says it better than I can: Leave the trees behind and pedal towards the concrete jungles of Stage 8: Urban Routes. London, New York, and France … Read more

Tour De Zwift 2021 – Stage 7: Standard Ride

After completing Stage 6 with no time to spare yesterday, it seemed unusual to do Stage 7 on the very first day it became available to ride. But truthfully I just wanted to get this one over with. Jungle Circuit is my least favourite of all routes on Zwift. The options were 2, 3, or … Read more

Tour De Zwift 2021 – Stage 6: Longer Ride

I hadn’t planned on doing Stage 6 of the Tour de Zwift 2021 today. Instead, I was planning a bit of a light / recovery ride. However, today turned out to be the last day that Stage 6 was available, so it’s a jolly good thing I checked before choosing my ride, otherwise I would … Read more