Neokyo Nights: Stage 4 – Sprinter’s Playground (B)

Racing. On a Saturday? Oh my. Well, I wasn’t sure what to expect at all today. My week’s been a bit messed up due to ‘injury’ earlier in the week. I started the week with a bit of a recovery / tester ride, and then my usual race day – Thursday – was switcheroo’d for … Read more

[AoC Day #22] Better Once Your Riding

Another day, another slog to get myself on the bike. My legs are tired and my mind isn’t in it. However, once I was on today I enjoyed it. Mostly though, this was because I spent the entire ride watching GCN’s Zwift Academy 2022 Finale episode. Whilst I think last years series was a better … Read more

One Minute Down, 39 Problems Remaining

Oh wow. I don’t know if it’s just that I haven’t done anything on the turbo in a while, or whether my FTP setting is perhaps a little too high. But oof, this one was a struggle. I think I’ve said this before about SST – post crash I’m convinced it’s wrong (on the high … Read more