Zwift Academy 2023 – Workout #4: Long | Fast Twitch HIIT

My week’s a bit messed up. Thursday is usually race day, but due to sore calves earlier in the week I took a light ride Tuesday, a ‘recovery’ walk yesterday, and then today I felt like I would be making a mistake by racing, so did the Zwift Academy 2023 Workout #4 instead.

It probably didn’t matter in the end. My calves are fine now.

Of all the workouts in the Zwift Academy 2023 so far, this one looked – on paper – to be the easiest. No complaints from me.

The gist of this workout is:

It’s a bit, only a little bit, like The Wringer.

Truthfully I didn’t find this one that bad.

Sure, by the 7th of the first repeats I was getting ready for that block to be over and done with, but the work itself wasn’t massively taxing. And we got a really generous rest between all blocks today.

10 minutes twice over. Can’t complain. I mean, where was that in Workout #3?

For all the sets today I tried to keep to 90rpm. Lower than I’m used too, but I feel a decent halfway house right now to where I really ought to be on more powerful efforts. I’m trying to get this down to ~85rpm, so I then have 10rpm extra to go to over longer efforts (think: FTP tests).

I was super late to this one today.

I had the foresight to get Zwift up and running with about 5 minutes left to spare, but by the time I’d loaded up Watopia I had maybe 15 seconds left ticking down, and I still hadn’t got my shoes on.

So although I didn’t miss the ride, I did miss the bunch start and as such started on my own.

I was about a minute behind, but it didn’t matter much. Only a minute cut off the warm up.

As it’s freezing here this week I had remembered to get the window open, but set off still in my t-shirt with my bibs not properly over my shoulders. No fan on.

It was only about 10 minutes in, after the very first 30 seconds effort, that I realised I hadn’t got a towel. Thank goodness my wife was within shouting distance, and very accommodating. This one would have been a real grind without a way to dry myself off.

Not much else to say though really. Not many people chatting. Not that hard, comparatively. And I feel good enough to race come Saturday.


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