Zwift OG Racing: Stage 4 – London Loop (B)

Later in the week than I would have liked, but overall it’s been a good week so far. I’m feeling like I’m back on track with a good plan of attack. So, would I feel any different after the fourth and final instalment in Zwift’s June O.G. Racing series? For today’s race we were taking … Read more

Zwift Race London: Stage 2 – London Loop (B)

Oof, a nasty one today. One that caught me out. I have definitely completed the London Loop route before, but the gotcha on this race was that it was 1.5 laps… so we hit Box Hill twice. I’d had a dental appointment this morning so it wasn’t like I hadn’t had time to do a … Read more

Tour de Zwift 2023 | Stage 4 | Longer Ride

I’ll stand by my decision that Stage 3 was the hardest ride of the Tour de Zwift 2023, and not just because it buggered up my knee. But Stage 4 was a very close second. Back to back as well. Absolutely brutal. So today I made up for having to take the Shorter Ride initially … Read more

Tour de Zwift 2023 | Stage 4 | Short Ride

Having thoroughly buggered up my left knee on Stage 3, I have been forced to rein in the ambition for Stage 4… and maybe a bit beyond yet, I’m not sure. Going into this one, I had done no recon, no reading into what was ahead. So I was surprised, very much so actually, to … Read more


It’s been three months since my last SST session. I’d not forgotten how much fun they can be though. And by fun I do mean those first two minutes of adjusting to hard work that then lasts another 38 minutes. Fortunately I was well prepared. Back pain? Gone. Towel, water bottle, selection of junk lined … Read more