Ugh… Late Afternoon & Late For Meetings

I don’t particularly like running. Never have. Probably never will. Yet each fortnight, at work, we have the end of our two week sprint. I don’t really know why we call them sprints, when you cannot possibly go hell for leather for such a prolonged period of time. Just try it on the bike. Do … Read more

Make A Break For It

For today’s ride I opted for an official Zwift workout, this one being the Make A Break For It session. I believe this comes from the Gran Fondo training series, but I am not absolutely sure. It’s hours ago now since I did this one. I’ve left my write up a bit too late. I … Read more

[AoC Day #7] Hmm Hmmmm

Kinda cycling without a purpose today. It was going to be a Zone 2 day, but I figured that it might be slightly more interesting – and not that more intensive – to do a group ride with the C-class Robo Pacer. And truthfully that’s about all there is to report today. It was an … Read more

[AoC Day #3] Choo Choo

Right then, a short one today as I’m super busy. Last night I went to bed too late. I think it was around 1am, but for some reason I do remember seeing my clock saying 1.45am at one point. Maybe I didn’t fall straight asleep when I got into bed. Who knows, and frankly, who … Read more