Team Dimension Data Zwift Academy Race: Circuit (C)

This evening I took part in the Team Dimension Data Zwift Academy Race: Circuit. This was on the New York LaGuardia loop, which is a short one at just 2.8km. We covered 6 laps. This also included a 1km lead in from the start line. I think about 200 riders attended. The start time was … Read more

SRAM Send It Series: Race 6 (A)

This morning I took part in the last race of the SRAM Send It series, which was 4 laps of Watopia’s Hilly Route. And my God, it was knackering. Judging from the comments, the entire 6 race series was pretty full on. I haven’t checked out what the other races involved, but this one was … Read more

3R Richmond UCI Hilly Race (D)

Much like when I did the Bologna Time Trial the other evening, I had no intention of doing a race for today’s ride until about 5 minutes before the event was due to start. Day 1 of my holiday and I’m already feeling a bit bored. Self imposed computer exile is not something that sits … Read more

Giro d’Italia TT Challenge

Today I took part in my first Zwift Race: the Giro d’Italia TT Challenge. This is a special event to tie in with the real world Giro d’Italia which started today. The Giro d’Italia is one of cycling’s three Grand Tours, running for three weeks each spring. 2019 marks its 102nd year, and Zwift is … Read more