Zwift OG Racing: Stage 1 – Watopia Hilly (B)

A little bit hot for being indoors, let alone racing. 28c is the hottest day of the year here… so far. Unsurprisingly, there were not too many Brits about for this one. Actually, there were not that many people about for this one at all. With a field of just 18 riders, I knew this … Read more

Halloween Fright Night – The Wringer

It’s Halloween and Zwift has fully embraced the fun. Except, not if you’re on a workout. If you’re on a workout then you can see the pumpkins and other road furniture, but you won’t see everyone riding along dressed as a part or whole dinosaur. In order to keep with the theme of frightening oneself, … Read more

Team Dimension Data Zwift Academy Race: Climb (C)

This evening I took part in the 5pm Team Dimension Data Zwift Academy Race, taking on 1 lap of Watopia Hilly route. As I had a free afternoon, I was able to be fairly comfortable with my timings. I started out with a ~20 minute warmup on Watopia Flat, aiming to stick around 120w – … Read more

Zwift Academy 2019 Workout #6: Chase The Breakaway!

I don’t know how it keeps happening, but I keep getting trolled by these Zwift Academy 2019 workouts. I look at the schedule, I feel overly confident, and then by the end I am dead as a dodo. I opted to take part in workout #6 – Chase the Breakaway – on Watopia. The current … Read more