Last Ride of 2020

Please excuse any glaring typos or grammar mistakes in this post. As I write this, on my phone (which I have massively broken due to dropping it whilst cleaning my bike) I’ve definitely been guilty of over indulging this Christmas. It’s a combination of the usual festive feasting, “drowning” of one’s sorrows, and a kind … Read more

Tour de Zwift: Stage 7 – Long Distance

For this evening’s ride I took part in the Tour de Zwift: Stage 7 – Long Distance, my last group ride of the 2020 Tour de Zwift, but not my last ride of the tour. This ride was two laps of Zwift’s Yorkshire / Harrogate circuit, the full front / forward loop. Each lap is … Read more

Out and Fat Again

Christmas Day done and dusted. Back on the bike. And a lot of over indulgence to work off. Last night, driving home from some Boxing Day family time, I really wanted to get back on the bike. I think that was more my body complaining at being put through a different kind of wringer. I … Read more

Ho Ho Ho and an NYC

Working from home is a wonderful thing. I had a fairly busy morning, given that it’s Christmas Eve. But I also was able to structure my day such that I could get in an extended hour (very late) long dinner hour ride on Zwift. For this ride I opted for New York City’s Knickerbocker Reverse … Read more

Movember Kick Off: Group Ride (E)

If there’s one thing that Zwift do extremely well (in my opinion) it’s the organised events championing good causes. And Movember is a great cause that helps raise awareness for male health issues such as testicular, and prostate cancer. This event was very well attended, with over 500 riders online at the time of starting, … Read more