Team Dimension Data Zwift Academy Race: Climb (C)

This evening I took part in the 5pm Team Dimension Data Zwift Academy Race, taking on 1 lap of Watopia Hilly route. As I had a free afternoon, I was able to be fairly comfortable with my timings. I started out with a ~20 minute warmup on Watopia Flat, aiming to stick around 120w – … Read more

SRAM Send It Series: Race 6 (A)

This morning I took part in the last race of the SRAM Send It series, which was 4 laps of Watopia’s Hilly Route. And my God, it was knackering. Judging from the comments, the entire 6 race series was pretty full on. I haven’t checked out what the other races involved, but this one was … Read more

Sunday Funday Hills and Sprints

I wanted a ride this morning, but the prospect of a 2hr ride wasn’t that appealing. I set in mind a target of riding for an hour, and seeing how I got on. For this ride I opted for Watopia’s Figure 8 circuit, a mixture of Watopia’s hills and sprints over ~30km. Ideal. As ever, … Read more

After Work Watopia Sprints and KOMs

Friday night. Always a good time. I managed to get my work-work to a good point in time for clocking off, and blogged my Richmond ride from earlier this morning. With some time to kill waiting for the wife and kids to get home from grand parental activities, I figured why not hit the bike … Read more