Saturday Soft Spin

For this afternoon’s ride I did an FTP Builder session, this time week 8 day 1. The were two reasons for picking this workout: length, and intensity.

Due to some real world commitments I ended up late on the bike. I still wanted to get in an active recovery session but ideally one on the shorter side. This particular workout met both of those requirements, but was due to being late on the bike I was also late off, and that made me miss another important real world thing… You win some, you lose some.

That explains the length, but the reasoning behind the lower intensity is that tomorrow morning, 10am, we kick start the Tour of Zwift 2020. I’m looking forward to this one, ~40km or so, Leith Hill on London so ~400m of climb. Should be a great ride, and a good workout. Not expecting to set any new records, or even put in a super strong performance, because…

It turns out there are two events as part of the first stage of the Tour of Zwift.

There is this London group ride tomorrow, and then on Tuesday night I’m signed up to a race. So it looks like each stage features both a group ride, and race on the same map. That is the same map, not the same circuit.

Anyway, I’m racing on Tuesday so am not going to go absolutely crazy in this group ride tomorrow. Looking to do some solid work, but nothing record breaking. Doubt I’ll do any record breaking on Tuesday, either, but I don’t want to kill myself before a race 🙂

Along the way today I git Level 25 on Zwift. This came with two unlocks I’ll likely never use.

I also hit my 3 hour weekly riding goal, and the 100km riding goal. Not bad considering the way the week started. Still not 100% on the knee, but it’s passable at this point. Also, I still need to lube up my chain. Keep forgetting to do this.

OK, so another 437 calories done. I don’t have the exact figure but this puts me somewhere around 4200 calories of the 10,000 calories January challenge done and dusted. Given that we are not yet half way through the month, I believe I am (only slightly) ahead of my target at this point. So that’s good news.

For once, the Sunday morning Zwifting starts at a reasonable hour. 10am, can’t grumble at that. Much better that 9am. Gives me chance to have a lie in, get up at a leisurely pace, and maybe even get some coffee and toast in whilst having a 20-30 minute warm up as well. Lovely stuff.

Still seeing some drop outs in my heart rate monitor, even after replacing with a brand new battery. That’s a bit unexpected.

Anyway, at least I didn’t mess up my workout today. I really need to remap that space bar key. I meant to do that at the end of the ride. That, and lube the chain. Once that timer hits zero, I jump off the bike and promptly forget about everything except having a shower, and writing this blog post.

OK, I bet I still haven’t done either of these things when I write up tomorrow’s ride…

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