Tour of Watopia 2022 Stage 4: Dirt Drippin’

Ahh Zwift’s Jungle area… the only time 99% of Zwifters head down there is when forced. Sadly, today I was forced, and in more ways than one. This week has been a heat wave here in the UK. Well, 17-18c, that’s a heat wave for this time of the year, and I won’t hear anymore … Read more

Zwift Bambino Fondo #1 – January 2020

For this afternoon’s ride I took part in Zwift’s Bambino Fondo #1 – January 2020. Apparently there are going to be three such rides, so if you missed this one then good times await in both February and March. I had planned to ride this one at the 9:10am start, but due to a bit … Read more

Zwift Academy 2019 Workout #2: Race Practice

Yesterday was rest day. Today was hard. Hard af. Of the Zwift Academy 2019 workouts I have done so far, this was by far the most intense. It’s difficult to comprehend this during the workout, but afterwards – in hindsight – it all seems worthwhile. This was really tough though. This was more in line … Read more

Welcome To The Jungle

Whilst riding Watopia’s Bigger Loop over the weekend just gone, I was taken for a partial ride around the Jungle Circuit. As the Bigger Loop doesn’t cover a full circuit of the Jungle, I figured I would go back – at some point – and put in a proper time. And that’s what I did … Read more