ZWIFT 101: Running – Form Follows Function

Today’s exercise consisted of two separate activities. First up I needed to complete the next Run in the Zwift Running 101 series. The expiry timer has been slowly ticking down on me, and today was my last day. Still two runs left in that series. I’m enjoying it, but when mixed with cycling I’m finding … Read more

Zwift Running 101 – Your Best Mile

I probably wouldn’t have done a run today had it not been for the Zwift Running 101 plan telling me my “best 1 mile run” workout was about to expire. Not getting to run. That would have been a shame. Though to be fair that’s exactly why I am using the training plan. There’s no … Read more

ZWIFT 101: Running – What Is My Body Doing? Tempo!

It’s taken me several days to get my legs back in good running order since my first attempt at Zwift running. I realise now that my initial calibration was simply too fast for my ability. It should be said that in a similar vein to the way Zwift cycling clearly expects you to be beyond … Read more

My First Zwift Run

My wife’s treadmill arrived this morning. And then at dinner time, the Zwift Runpod got dropped off, too. Here’s a laugh: The treadmill weighed 88kg in the box. The runpod, a whopping 0.05kg. Guess which one cost £7.99 delivery, and which one cost £6.95? Yes, that’s right, this little orange widget was the higher priced … Read more