Tour of Watopia 2023 Ride: Stage 1 – Figure 8 (Standard)

Confusing. This is the second Tour of Watopia 2023. I had forgotten this, but then I was wondering what to call the category to put all these new posts under, and it turns out I already have a Tour of Watopia 2023 category. But apparently this is different. This is Tour of Watopia 2023 Ride. … Read more

Tour of Watopia 2023 | Stage 2 | Longer

This one has taken it out of me, pretty much as expected. My standard ride length is anything up to an hour. Anything over that and usually I notice a drop off in pace. But I knew this one was going to be a long ride. 70km, pretty much. With 700m of climb. I think … Read more

Tour Of Watopia 2021 – Stage 3: Longer Ride

Two Tour of Watopia 2021 rides in a row where I’ve arrived late and missed the pack. I guess I could have waited till the 5pm ride and gone off with the bunch, but I suspected this one would take a while, and in some ways I kinda wanted to get it over and done … Read more

Tour Of Watopia 2021 – Stage 1: Longer Ride

Today was my (late) start to the Tour of Watopia 2021. Having been outdoors all week, I left it until the last day of Stage 1 to get involved. Sadly, I faced a couple of technical issues during this ride which whilst not ruining the ride for me, did make it feel way harder than … Read more

Virtual Tour de France – Open – Stage 1 Discovery Ride

This afternoon I took part in Zwift’s Virtual Tour de France – Open – Stage 1 Discovery Ride. Allegedly this one took place in Watopia ‘France Edition’. Let me tell you, aside from the few extra fans around key areas, and the sound of some vu-vu-zella type things in the start pens, there was next … Read more