Norseman Workout #6: Vasstulan

Alas, some technical issues today. Worked those out post ride, but it meant I wasn’t able to establish a reliable connection on the Zwift app to get consistent screenshots. The reasoning for this is that I had network issues on Friday and having reset one of the WiFi extenders, it had split the network – … Read more

Tour Of Watopia 2021 – Stage 3: Longer Ride

Two Tour of Watopia 2021 rides in a row where I’ve arrived late and missed the pack. I guess I could have waited till the 5pm ride and gone off with the bunch, but I suspected this one would take a while, and in some ways I kinda wanted to get it over and done … Read more

Out and Fat Again

Christmas Day done and dusted. Back on the bike. And a lot of over indulgence to work off. Last night, driving home from some Boxing Day family time, I really wanted to get back on the bike. I think that was more my body complaining at being put through a different kind of wringer. I … Read more

Out and Back Again – FTP Builder Week 5 Day 4

Last night I had done a bit of damage, with two beers and two glasses of wine, I probably wiped out two of the past workouts in four glasses. But aside from that, I just wasn’t hugely in the mood to get on the bike today. Having looked at the workout on What’s On Zwift … Read more