Tour de Zwift 2022 Stage 5: Long Ride

Leg’s not complaining too loudly and 11am meeting finishing on time for the first time … ever(?!) I managed to get on to this ride with a good ten minutes to spare. The only failure was in leaving my headband / sweatband thing on the radiator, and only noticing after we’d set off. Whoops. Five … Read more

Tour de Zwift 2022 Stage 4: Long Ride

There was a plan today. A proper real actual plan. It wasn’t very detailed, but I wasn’t unprepared. For once. What was this plan? Simple. Get on Zwift early, do a bit of a warm up to prep the legs, then sit with a bunch around 3.3w/kg and kinda… errr, stay in the draft and … Read more

Tour de Zwift 2022 Stage 3: Long Ride

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t spend the majority of this ride looking out of the window at the clear blue skies and wishing I’d headed outdoors. However, whilst it looks rideable out there at the moment, it’s a bit deceptive. It rained overnight, and the sun isn’t doing enough to get the … Read more

Tour de Zwift 2022 Stage 2: Long Ride

Oooooh, now this one has taken it out of me, and no mistake. Yes, I had in mind I might do the 9am ride. Hah. Even though I woke up at 8am prompt, I had the general feeling of anxiety about the effort ahead that only two hours could stand any chance of calming. Plenty … Read more

Tour de Zwift 2022 Stage 1: Standard Ride

Right then, off we go with the Tour de Zwift for 2022. Straight up, I wanted to do the longer ride. That’s the ~50km / two laps of France Route Grand Vitesse (RGV) ride. However, I thought we had way longer per Stage than we do. It turns out Stage 1 ends today, pretty much. … Read more