50,000 Metres Above The Sea

Amazing. I managed to get a solid nights sleep last night. No waking up early. No waking up… at all. Just a good, uninterrupted sleep right through till the mid morning, which in my house means 8.20am. That doesn’t mean I woke up fresh and ready to go, however. I was rudely awoken by my … Read more

Tour de Zwift: Stage 7 Race (C)

This afternoon’s race was the final event (for me at least) of the Tour of Watopia 2020. This race was one lap of the Yorkshire / Harrogate forward circuit, basically a single lap repeat of Thursday night’s group ride. I managed to get on about 10 minutes early today. Not really enough time for a … Read more

Tour de Zwift: Stage 7 – Long Distance

For this evening’s ride I took part in the Tour de Zwift: Stage 7 – Long Distance, my last group ride of the 2020 Tour de Zwift, but not my last ride of the tour. This ride was two laps of Zwift’s Yorkshire / Harrogate circuit, the full front / forward loop. Each lap is … Read more

Yorkshire Flat Cap Free Ride

This afternoon – or perhaps early evening I guess – I completed two laps of Zwift’s new Yorkshire map. This time I took on the forward route. I’ve ridden Yorkshire once before – Zwiftcast Recon Ride – Harrogate Circuit Reverse (D). The route was definitely different in the forward version. It felt more of a … Read more

Zwiftcast Recon Ride – Harrogate Circuit Reverse (D)

Tonight was my first ride on Zwift’s new Yorkshire / Harrogate circuit, where I took party in the Zwiftcast Recon Ride. This ride was very well attended – 300+ people – which is about half as many as last night’s recon ride (which I didn’t attend). Also this ride was covering the Yorkshire circuit in … Read more