Tour de Zwift 2023 | Stage 4 | Longer Ride

I’ll stand by my decision that Stage 3 was the hardest ride of the Tour de Zwift 2023, and not just because it buggered up my knee. But Stage 4 was a very close second. Back to back as well. Absolutely brutal. So today I made up for having to take the Shorter Ride initially … Read more

Israel Start-Up Nation Medical Aid Ride (B)

This afternoon I took part in the Israel Start-Up Nation Medical Aid Ride. The purpose behind this ride is a good one: I confess to having an ulterior motive to attending also – this ride being 40km, it would take over my 100km weekly riding goal. And if I were to head out tomorrow on … Read more

Tour de Zwift 2020: Stage 1 Long Distance

This morning I took on the first stage of the Tour of Watopia 2020. This was a super well attended ride / race, probably the most well attended event I’ve been on in Zwift. With over 4,000 riders across three different category (long / short / women’s only), this is a strong sign of how … Read more