Technological Fiasco

Well, no idea what the heck went wrong today. I’ve not experienced anything quite like that before on Zwift. Things started normally enough. I wanted to do the Short SST session over my lunch break. It’s 50 minutes, so it’s always a push. But it’s possible. As such I had my Zwift session up and … Read more

Joining The Sufferfest

Wahoo’s The Sufferfest is, as far as I am aware, the second biggest online / indoor cycling platform available to the sweating masses right now. Again, I’m guessing, but I believe Zwift is the first. This completely disregards closed platforms like Peloton. I’ve been promising myself that I’d get involved in The Sufferfest for months. … Read more

Sweet Spot Fail – Where Did I Go Wrong?

This afternoon I finished work early, deliberately, in order to get in a solid hour on the bike. With two rest days since my last ride I was hoping to be fresh faced and bushy tailed, perfectly ready to get through a sweet spot session. In truth I was expecting this one to be hard. … Read more