Late Night Reverse Volcano Spin

Having finally ‘finished’ a personal coding project I’ve been working on for over 10 months at about 20:30 last night, I decided the best way to celebrate was with a 15km / 30 minute spin on Zwift. This is huge progress for me. I’ve successfully gamified getting fit. Normally my go to reward for finishing … Read more

8 Laps of The Volcano Circuit: Tour of Watopia Stage 2 – Road to Ruins

This morning I took part in Stage 2 of the Tour of Watopia 2019. This was the Road To Ruins stage, or 8 laps of the Volcano Circuit. I managed to start about 10 seconds late. I had planned to get up with plenty of time to spare, but in the end, I only just … Read more

The Last 100m

Today was London day again on Zwift. And we started off in the rain. Quite fitting really. I wonder if it’s sync’d up to the real world weather? I suspect not. Being completely honest, I could not be bothered this morning. I woke up late, partly due to my eldest waking up at 6am and … Read more