Zwift Academy 2023 – Group Workout #1: Long | Explosive 30s

Being a glutton for punishment, today was my second attempt at the Zwift Academy 2023 – Group Workout #1. Only this time around I opted for the Longer workout, as opposed to the Shorter version which I ‘completed’ on Tuesday. Going into this one, I thought the only difference was a 20 minute tempo effort … Read more

Zwift Academy 2023 – Group Workout #1: Short | Explosive 30s

Explosive indeed. So explosive I ended up blowing up, big time. The big takeaway from today’s ride was this: eat properly before tackling this one. I’d started the day not even thinking about Zwift. I mean I knew I would be on Zwift at lunch time, but that’s just a regular Tuesday for me. The … Read more

Tour of Makuri Islands: Stage 2 – Suki’s Playground

Catch up. That was the order of the day. I missed Stage 2 as a group ride due to being late for the event as it took waaaay longer than expected applying the 1.31 Zwift patch. At the time I then did Suki’s Playground by complete coincidence as a Pace Partner Robo Pacer ride. Only … Read more