Zwift Flat Is Fast: Stage 2 – The Fan Flats (B)

On we roll, very quickly in fact, to Stage 2 of January’s Zwift Flat Is Fast racing series. This one would be on the Richmond map, covering 3 (and a bit) laps of The Fan Flats route. As ever, a good place to learn this route is over at Zwift Insider. Richmond is one of … Read more

Zwift Academy Road: [Short] Workout 4 | Depleting Workout

The second of today’s two Zwift Academy Road 2022 rides was the fun sound Depleting Workout: With workout #3 done, I guess I was already feeling kinda depleted. More so than I suspect they had in mind for most people doing the workout. Being a bit of a chimp I hadn’t realised the first three … Read more

Tour De Zwift 2021 – Stage 5: Shorter Ride

Work itMake itDo itMakes us ShorterBetterFasterStronger Top work from me today. Out of all the screenshots that actually mattered (to me) – of which there were two – I managed to capture exactly zero. Well played, Chris. Well played. These screenshots were my finish time, and an FTP bump. Total fails, yet at the same … Read more

Off We Go For 2021

It might not have been the world’s most intensive workout, but getting my fat, lazy backside on the bike on day one of 2021 was “good enough”. I’ve been refraining from weighing myself during December. Why? No idea. I have gotten out of the habit of doing so. So during this ride I made the … Read more

Advent of Cycling – Day 7 – Zwift’s Lavender Unicorn Workout

There are a bunch of new(ish) 30 minute workouts added to Zwift that I am yet to try. Prior to illness I didn’t have too much requirement for shorter, high intensity workouts. And when I did, Emily and Jon generally had me covered. But variety is the spice of life. And given a thirty minute … Read more