Tour de Zwift 2022 Stage 1: Standard Ride

Right then, off we go with the Tour de Zwift for 2022. Straight up, I wanted to do the longer ride. That’s the ~50km / two laps of France Route Grand Vitesse (RGV) ride. However, I thought we had way longer per Stage than we do. It turns out Stage 1 ends today, pretty much. … Read more

Zwift’s Scary Halloween Ride Experience

This is my second Halloween on Zwift, and if I wanted a scary experience then I guess getting to be a paid beta tester for their shocking code is up there on the horror scale. Frankly, this was an extremely disappointing and frustrating experience. Billed as a special group ride using the pacer bot, the … Read more

Trek Segafredo x Saris Ride with Koen De Kort & Elisa Longo Borghini (C)

This morning I returned to longer Zwift group rides for the first time since the Tour of Watopia Stage 5 shorter ride. It feels like a lot has happened since then. But sadly most of that has not been on the bike. Although this ride was a large and well attended group ride featuring two … Read more

Stage 1: The Flats – Longer Ride

This morning I took part in my second leg of Stage 1 of the Tour of Watopia 2020. Fortunately zero technical issues this morning, though perhaps doing a 50km+ ride less than 24 hours after doing a hard race was a bit optimistic. For an unassuming Thursday morning ride this one was well attended. I … Read more