No Sweet Beats

It’s been a while. Four months, actually. But today I decided it had been long enough, and got back on with an SST session.

This one would be taken at my new FTP, which I have actually forgotten what that figure is. Whatever it is, it meant riding at 210w off, and 225w on.

Or to put it another way, 3.2w/kg off, and 3.4w/kg on.

It’s kinda nuts to be “recovering” at 3.2w/kg. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that 3.2w/kg was my target for FTP.

Anyway, going into this one I was feeling fresh. And that was important as the last time I did an SST session I absolutely killed myself. The reasoning for that was to do with setup, and Zwift registering ~20w less than what I was producing, so I really absolutely smashed myself, to the point where I couldn’t complete the full session. I gave up on the final “off” block.

Even though I figured out why that was so difficult shortly after, it was enough to put me off repeating an SST session until today.

It wasn’t that bad today, but it was hard work. Not quite as hard as the Tour de Zwift events, but close.

If there’s a better workout on Zwift in terms of bang for buck in 50 minutes, I don’t know what it is. This one makes you work for your time.

I did get both RGT Cycling and The Sufferfest installed on my laptop today.

However, because I’m on my laptop I have no music during my rides. My bluetooth keyboard doesn’t seem to work on the bike, which sucks. Hence the post title – no sweet beats. Just riding for the full hour with the sound of my heavy breathing and rotating chain for company. Real fun times. It’s going to be a while till I have my PC back as well, which sucks.

What does tomorrow have in store?

I don’t know. It’s possible I will repeat this session. Depends how the legs feel.

I do still have the final two Zwift Academy 2020 rides to complete, which I’d really like to see through. And I have RGT and TSF to try. So plenty of choices. But typically I do whatever is easiest – and that’s why Zwift keeps winning out. It’s far from fault free, but it’s just too easy to get off and rolling.

Right. Time for a bath.

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