The Knee Bone’s Connected from the Shin Bone

Starting with a bit of bad news this morning: I’ve hurt my knee. My left knee to be precise, and somewhere on the lower part of the knee cap, to be exact. At some point during the morning yesterday, I was heading upstairs to my office carrying a nice, tasty brew, and I must have … Read more

Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.

As said yesterday, I had decided to do only free-rides each day this week. Today, the guest world is Innsbruck, which to me says “Hills!”, so I opted for the 4.1km Volcano Circuit on Watopia. Last night when led in bed, I did myself some quick maths. To make it round 10km in 20 minutes, … Read more

Emily’s Short Mix at My Guesstimated FTP

Yesterday I made an attempt at Emily’s Short Mix, thinking I was smarter than Zwift (hey, I’ve been riding for 2 solid weeks, I’m practically pro!) and bumping the FTP up to 165w. I failed. Epically. Today, I decided rather than admit defeat, I would try Emily’s Short Mix at my Zwift guesstimated FTP, 127w. … Read more

Murder in NYC

Wow. Wow and OMG. Emily tried to kill me Yesterday I started on Zwift’s Cycling 101 Training Plan. I found it a bit lacking in punch, though to be fair, it is based off my overall FTP, which Zwift has currently estimated at 127w. Me, being a man, believed that I knew better than Zwift. … Read more