Tour de Zwift 2022 Stage 2: Long Ride

Oooooh, now this one has taken it out of me, and no mistake. Yes, I had in mind I might do the 9am ride. Hah. Even though I woke up at 8am prompt, I had the general feeling of anxiety about the effort ahead that only two hours could stand any chance of calming. Plenty … Read more

Tour De Zwift 2021 – Stage 3: Standard Ride

Tough choice between the Alpe du Zwift (standard ride) and some variant of Mont Ventoux for the longer ride. You know things are nuts when the Alpe seems like a more approachable effort. Anyway, such were the thoughts pretty much plaguing me ever since I spotted Stage 3 was the Alpe on Tuesday night earlier … Read more

Tour for All 2020: Stage 4 Longer Race A/B

Earlier this afternoon I took part in Stage 4 of Zwift’s Tour For All 2020. Today was probably the most challenging of all the stages of the Tour – a racing climb up the Alpe Du Zwift. Being completely honest I wasn’t super up for this one. I had originally planned to ride at 9am, … Read more

Stage 3: The Climbs – Longer Ride

For this afternoon’s ride I took part in the Tour of Watopia 2020, this time tackling Stage 3: The Climbs on the longer ride. Which meant a midweek trip up the Alpe du Zwift. There’s a variety of reasons why I prefer not to do a big climb like this on a weeknight. So, with … Read more