Pussyfooting Around

Oh dear, oh dear. Whilst I was away in Scotland over the weekend, I managed to severely bugger up my toe. I don’t think that’s the technical medical terminology, but it’s the way I’d describe it to a fellow Northerner. To set the scene, when I got home yesterday my toe had swollen up to … Read more

Control, Control, You Must Learn Control!

More so than yesterday, today I really wasn’t in the mood to exercise. Partly because I’d kinda mentally resigned to riding only 4 days this week, and partly due to laziness. By 4pm I’d had my chocolate bar, my magnum lollipop, and a fistful of fizzy Harribos. These are all the post ride treats I … Read more

Ho Ho Ho and an NYC

Working from home is a wonderful thing. I had a fairly busy morning, given that it’s Christmas Eve. But I also was able to structure my day such that I could get in an extended hour (very late) long dinner hour ride on Zwift. For this ride I opted for New York City’s Knickerbocker Reverse … Read more

Zwift 45min Riders Choice – Classique

For this evening’s ride I continued with my pre-planned schedule which meant doing 45 minutes of rider’s choice. Okay, it was supposed to be 60 minutes, but I can over rule myself. You may, or may not, have seen that today, Zwift launched a beta version of their steering / mountain bike course. As you … Read more