Dinner Time Spin

For a change I managed to get on the bike at dinner time (lunch time to posh people) today, which was definitely nicer for my sleep schedule than an early morning ride. And definitely more peaceful than an evening ride. Mostly I sat watching a movie (Once upon a time in Hollywood) rather than paying … Read more Dinner Time Spin

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

Not for the first time in my cycling career, I accidentally “knackered up” my knee on my previous ride. This was entirely caused by either an adjustment I made to my left cleat position, or raising my saddle height by a centimeter. Or… both. Never make two changes at the same time. When will I … Read more Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

Riding Home For Christmas

Christmas Jumper on, lights on the trees, and finally a bit of feeling returning to my legs. All in time for a nice rest day (tomorrow) and the new Star Wars film to enjoy. Fantastic. OK, so it’s been a high stress week in terms of bike activity. On Tuesday I did my second ever … Read more Riding Home For Christmas

Not Enough Watts To Keep The Lights On

For tonight’s ride I opted for a repeat of one of the previous FTP Builder sessions I’ve done before: 6 minutes @ 130w 2 minutes @ 100w Repeated 6 times. After Sunday’s ride I was in too minds all day as to whether to take on a more intensive session (likely SST), or go for … Read more Not Enough Watts To Keep The Lights On

Calm Before The Storm

For this afternoon’s ride I opted for an FTP Builder session, repeating Week 9 Day 1. This is a fairly long session at about 1.5 hours, and largely consists of two blocks: 25 min at 130w 10 min at 100w And repeat twice. There’s a 10 minute warm up and a 5 minute cool down. … Read more Calm Before The Storm